Philadelphia Area Exilis Treatment

Exilis is a revolutionary new, non-invasive body contouring aesthetic device is now available at Dr. Paul M. Glat’s Philadelphia area plastic surgery office. Exilis uses controlled, volumetric heating to tissue for measureable cosmetic results. Focused RadioFrequency (RF) technology is used to change appearances by reshaping the body, treating laxity, and reducing wrinkles in only four relaxing treatment sessions for patients in the Philadelphia area.

Trained professionals at Dr. Glat’s office, serving Philadelphia and the Main Line, customize the delivery of powerful thermal energy and cooling with continuous, real time monitoring of skin temperature. The focused RF only affects the targeted tissue at the precise depth of penetration proven to achieve your desired cosmetic outcome. Exilis precisely and uniformly reaches therapeutic temperatures in the shortest amount of time. This delivery system ensures an efficient and positive patient experience addressing multiple anti-aging face and fat reduction body concerns.

Dr. Paul M. Glat and the new Exilis device provide Philadelphia area residents a non-surgical solution for any face or body contouring, skin tightening treatment that requires no anesthesia or numbing. With its focused RF and complex design, this device produces a predictable response and notable collagen remodeling. Results can often be seen after the first treatment and continue to improve with each additional treatment.

What Makes it Great?

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery compiled statistics in 2009 stating the two most in-demand cosmetic procedures were treating of skin laxity and body shaping. The Exilis device offers focused RF technology all in one platform to redefine the body and face, thus helping patients with many concerns.

Exilis is precise. Designed with maximum control, Exilis allows RF energy to be applied to the targeted skin layer for optimal depth and duration of penetration. This focused RF uses the ideal combination of heating and cooling keeping patients comfortable and free of pain, while achieving the best effect.

Exilis is fast and safe. With the Exilis system, Dr. Glat’s Plastic Surgery office in Bala Cynwyd is able to reach therapeutic temperature in a short amount of time. Combined with the safety of Energy Flow Control, treatments are only twenty to thirty minutes in length and extremely safe for patients.

Dr. Paul M. Glat’s Philadelphia area Plastic Surgery office in Bala Cynwyd proudly offers Exilis to the Greater Philadelphia Region, Philadelphia’s Main Line, South New Jersey, North New Jersey, Delaware and all surrounding areas. Come experience the age defying face procedures, skin tightening of the neck and body, and fat reduction, body contouring at the office of Doctor Paul M. Glat.