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Facelift in Gladwyne, PA

With age comes wisdom and a higher sense of what works in certain situations based on past experiences. Unfortunately, with age also comes the effects of gravity, and you may not feel like you look your best. A facelift is a great way to restore your youthful appearance, and Dr. Paul M. Glat, MD, FACS, performs facelifts for patients in Gladwyne, PA.

What Are Facelifts?

Facelifts are designed to tighten the skin on the face to reduce wrinkles and lines and restore a younger appearance. They can also be performed in combination with other procedures to reduce bags under the eyes and excess neck skin. The investment is one that you will enjoy as you show the world your new, youthful appearance while maintaining the knowledge that has come with your age.

How Are Facelifts Performed?

Following a consultation, the patient is administered a sedative along with local anesthesia. Lines are predetermined, and then incisions are made around the edge of the face behind the hairline. Excess fat is removed, and the skin is tightened and sutured closed.

About Dr. Paul M. Glat

Dr. Paul M. Glat, MD, FACS, is a highly renowned plastic surgeon who performs each surgery with precision. If you are in Gladwyne, PA and are considering a facelift, call today!

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Written by Paul M. Glat, M.D. August 1, 2014