Hair Restoration for Men and Women

If you’ve suffered with baldness or thinning hair, consider the benefits of Philadelphia hair restoration, conveniently located at the office of Dr. Paul M.Glat. A full, healthy head of hair makes a world of difference in not only how you look and feel about yourself, but in how you’re ultimately perceived by those around you. Unfortunately, for both men and women, daily struggles with hair loss become more difficult as time goes on, and the result is more difficult to hide with creative hairstyles and new products.

Our team of highly-trained, dedicated experts is committed to helping you put an end to these struggles, going a long way towards regaining your confidence and feeling years younger than ever before. Through the use of safe, effective, transplantation surgery, our skilled medical professionals are able to help patients of all ages regrow beautiful, natural locks designed to last a lifetime.

If you’re tired of fighting a losing battle against hair loss, Philadelphia hair restoration might just be the solution that turns your life around in no time at all. At the office of Dr. Paul M. Glat, we rely on a revolutionary and innovative new procedure called NeoGraft, a process that leaves no scars and features minimal recovery time. Through this procedure, patients are able to achieve the look they want, while enduring fewer side effects, and paying less for related medical bills. Call us today to learn more, or to schedule your consultation, and see how easy it is to get the gorgeous locks you’ve always wanted!