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Men’s Facial Plastic Surgery in Philadelphia, PA

Located in Bala Cynwyd and serving Philadelphia and South Jersey, Dr. Paul M. Glat, MD, FACS, performs men’s facial plastic surgery for patients desiring male plastic surgery.

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Redefine Your Appearance and Make a Proper First Impression

If you are interested in male facial plastic surgery, we can help at our Philadelphia-area cosmetic surgery practice. A man’s face is his most prominent feature, and it can have a real impact on his self-confidence as well as the impression he makes on others. Male facial plastic surgery allows an individual to refine his look, correct a physical trait or flaw, or turn back the clock and undo years of aging; if you want to revitalize your image, facial plastic surgery is definitely an option worth considering. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Glat, or to learn more about the male facial plastic surgery procedures we offer in the Philadelphia area, please feel free to contact our Bala Cynwyd plastic surgery office today.

Male Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures

We offer a wide range of male facial plastic surgery procedures to meet our patients’ needs. If you would like to correct asymmetry in your nose, reduce the appearance of sagging skin or jowls, undo the effects of aging on the eyes, or enhance the appearance of your chin or cheekbones, male facial plastic surgery is an effective and safe means of meeting your aesthetic goals. Depending on your needs, you may benefit from one or more of the following procedures:

During your initial consultation, we will discuss your goals and expectations with you and go over your treatment options. Rest assured, our team is dedicated to upholding the highest standard of care, and Dr. Glat has extensive experience with cosmetic surgery. He will take every measure to ensure your health, comfort, and satisfaction.

Facial Plastic Surgery Benefits

A man’s self-image affects his confidence, self-esteem, demeanor, body language, and even his overall health. All of these traits play a role in the impression that we make on others. If you suffer from insecurities because you feel self-conscious about your facial appearance, other people will note that and take it into consideration when they form an impression of you. With male facial plastic surgery, you can correct traits you may be unhappy with, be it the shape or size of your nose or the effects of aging. Our patients have found a renewed sense of self and increased confidence after undergoing plastic surgery. Needless to say, we believe the benefits are tremendous.

Facial Plastic Surgery Candidates

Candidates for facial plastic surgery may include men who have broken their nose and would like to correct disfigurement or men with sagging skin and jowls who would like a more taut, firm skin tone. Whatever the reasons a man is considering facial plastic surgery, he should be healthy and have realistic expectations for his procedure and the recovery process. Additionally, because male facial plastic surgery is invasive, we urge our patients to make the decision to undergo treatment free of outside pressure and only after they have all of the information regarding their options.

Dr. Glat also offers the following cosmetic procedures:

Men’s Facial Plastic Surgery Costs in Philadelphia, PA, and South Jersey

Dr. Glat and his staff look forward to working with you to develop male plastic surgery goals that help you look and feel your best. Costs associated with men’s facial plastic surgery vary by patient, and we offer CareCredit® as a financing option. Also, check our Current Specials.

Schedule a Consultation for Men’s Facial Plastic Surgery with Dr. Paul M. Glat

Dr. Paul M. Glat and his staff, serving Philadelphia and South Jersey, are committed to helping men who want facial plastic surgery make the right choices when preparing to undergo surgery. To schedule a men’s facial plastic surgery consultation, contact our plastic surgery office today.

Dr. Glat, board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, recognizes that each patient has unique requirements and desires. His services have improved the lives of people from in and around Philadelphia and South Jersey. He performs popular procedures for the breasts, body, and face. If you are looking for self-improvement in the form of plastic surgery, hair restoration, hormone replacement therapy, or skin rejuvenation, Dr. Glat and his professional team will accommodate your needs! Please call 610-624-3342 today to schedule your initial consultation!

Written by Paul M. Glat, M.D. May 28, 2014