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NeoGraft™ in Cherry Hill, NJ

Dr. Paul M. Glat, MD, FACS, performs NeoGraft™ hair restoration for patients in Cherry Hill, NJ.

What Is NeoGraft™?

Dealing with hair loss can be difficult, but NeoGraft™ provides a way to restore some of your hair for a more youthful appearance. This process consists of removing hair follicles from the scalp and transplanting them into the balding area. Recovery time is short, no scarring occurs, and the results are long lasting.

How Is NeoGraft™ Performed?

NeoGraft™ is a procedure that transplants hair follicles to undo the effects of balding. The automated aspects of NeoGraft™ mean that more hair follicles can be transplanted in a shorter period of time. Such processes were previously slow and tedious. This procedure also offers more precision, allowing for a more natural look once the hair is transplanted.

About Dr. Paul M. Glat

Dr. Glat earned his degree from Princeton University in 1984. He then studied general surgery at New York University. He gained further experience through his fellowship at the Manhattan Eye and Ear Hospital. Today, Dr. Glat is widely respected as an expert on reconstructive surgery procedures. When he is not performing NeoGraft™ or other procedures for the residents of Cherry Hill, NJ, he gives lectures at plastic surgery conferences all over the world.

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Written by Paul M. Glat, M.D. August 4, 2014