Dr. Paul Glat has an exclusive plastic surgery practice in Bala Cynwyd, serving the entire Philadelphia region. If you have lost a significant quantity of weight, either with diet and exercise or following bariatric surgery, your final step is to remove excess skin and tissue with post weight loss surgery in Philadelphia. Want to see how Dr. Glat has helped others like you? Visit our post-bariatric body contouring before and after photo gallery! Dr. Glat also performs body contouring for men!

What is post-bariatric body contouring?

Post weight loss surgery will remove excess, hanging skin and tissue to create a smoother, firmer physique. Body contouring can resolve the remaining hanging skin and tissue left behind after bariatric surgery. Philadelphia plastic surgeon Dr. Paul M. Glat offers post-bariatric aesthetic treatment and body contouring surgery at his Bala Cynwyd office to assist patients who want to achieve a more attractive figure after a dramatic weight loss.

What does the surgery entail?

Post-bariatric surgery typically requires a comprehensive body lift procedure to address loose skin all over the body. During a body contouring procedure, Dr. Paul M. Glat will make discreet incisions and remove the excess skin and tissue from those areas, and tighten the remaining skin. In some cases, Dr. Glat may use liposuction to remove some additional fat in a custom post-bariatric body contouring procedure.

Comprehensive post-bariatric body contouring

Bariatric surgery is a potentially life-saving procedure for the morbidly obese. By undergoing bariatric surgery to reduce the stomach’s capacity, obese people can lose a significant quantity of weight and enjoy better health. Unfortunately, significant weight loss often leaves loose folds of excess skin and other tissue where there was once fat. Post-weight loss surgery in Philadelphia aims to remove this unneeded, uncomfortable tissue to restore a more defined shape and attractive appearance.

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Recovery from post-bariatric body contouring

Post-bariatric surgery is complex and invasive and will require a lengthy recovery period. Dr. Glat’s post-bariatric surgery patients should plan to spend up to six weeks recovering at home after leaving the hospital, depending on the extent of the procedure.

Dr. Glat customized his post-bariatric body contouring to match your individual needs. Every surgery is 100 percent personalized. In some cases, it may be staged, requiring more than one surgical appointment.

Why choose Dr. Glat for post-bariatric body contouring in Philadelphia?

You deserve to achieve the final result of your achievements in losing excess body weight and enjoy a firm, sculpted figure. The final procedure is to recontour your body with a custom procedure to remove excess hanging skin and tissue, along with residual fat. When under the care of Dr. Glat and his professional support team, you can expect a superior result. Our plastic surgery clinic in Bala Cynwyd provides an exclusive, personalized experience in a warm, compassionate atmosphere, rather than a cold, clinical approach. You will be cared for, empowered, and supported throughout your journey.

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How much will it cost to undergo body contouring?

Dr. Glat and his staff look forward to meeting you and evaluating your condition. The cost of post-bariatric body contouring varies by patient, and we offer CareCredit® as a financing option. Also, check our Current Specials.

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