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Located in Bala Cynwyd and serving Philadelphia and South Jersey, Dr. Paul M. Glat, MD, FACS, performs pigment correction for patients desiring skin rejuvenation.

What is VBeam® Laser Treatment?

The VBeam® laser works to remove the red color that results from skin issues such as spider veins, rosacea, scars, broken capillaries, lesions, and stretch marks. The laser treatment can provide your skin with a more even tone.

A Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD) will emit a spray of cryogen on the surface of the skin, followed milliseconds later by a laser pulse to minimize heat on the skin without affecting the underlying structures. This increases comfort during the procedure.

What Conditions Can VBeam®Treat?

VBeam® can be used to treat sun-damage, wrinkles, and stretch marks, but is most effective in treating of veins on the face, rosacea, and scars from acne or surgery.

How Does VBeam® Work?

Dr. Paul Glat uses VBeam® laser treatments to deliver a gentle burst of light onto the skin. This is then absorbed by blood vessels and reabsorbed into the body, which allows for a cleaner, more refreshed appearance.

Is the Treatment Safe?

The VBeam® procedure is very safe, without any major side effects. Minor rare side effects can include bruising, swelling, and redness with more aggressive treatment. They usually disappear after a few days.

Learn More about VBeam® Laser Treatments

If you are interested in learning more about VBeam® laser treatments, do not hesitate to contact Dr. Paul Glat at his Bala Cynwyd practice. During a consultation, Dr. Glat will review any questions that you have about the procedure and evaluate if VBeam® could be right for you. Learn more about how this cosmetic technology can make a dramatic difference in patient self-esteem and confidence.

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Dr. Paul M. Glat and his Philadelphia cosmetic surgery team, serving Philadelphia and South Jersey, are committed to helping pigment correction patients make the right choices. To schedule a pigment correction consultation, contact our plastic surgery office today.

Dr. Glat is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He seeks to improve the lives of people from in and around Philadelphia and South Jersey. He performs popular procedures for the breasts, body, and face. If you are looking for self-improvement in the form of plastic surgery, hair restoration, hormone replacement therapy, or skin rejuvenation, Dr. Glat and his professional team will accommodate your needs! Please call 610.550.8328 today to schedule your initial consultation!

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Costs Associated with Pigment Correction in Philadelphia, PA, and South Jersey

Dr. Glat and his staff look forward to working with you to develop cosmetic goals that help you look and feel your best. Costs associated with pigment correction vary by patient, and we offer CareCredit® as a financing option. Also, check our Current Specials.

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