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Located in Bala Cynwyd and serving Philadelphia and South Jersey, Dr. Paul M. Glat, MD, FACS, performs Radiesse® treatments for patients desiring skin rejuvenation.

Instant Results and Long-term Benefits

If you would like to undo the effects of aging or eliminate wrinkles caused by sun exposure, Radiesse® is for you. At our Philadelphia-area cosmetic surgery practice, we are proud to offer a wide range of dermal fillers and injectables because we realize that many of our patients’ aesthetic goals can be met without the need for surgery. Quick, safe, and effective, fillers like Radiesse® are a great option for men and women who are interested in refreshing their appearance but who don’t require more comprehensive treatment. If you are interested in Radiesse® and live in the Philadelphia area, we invite you to contact our Bala Cynwyd plastic surgery office today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Paul Glat.

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Radiesse® Procedure

Radiesse® is a dermal filler designed to add volume beneath the skin. By increasing volume, wrinkles, facial lines, and areas of the face that are sunken in can be greatly reduced or eliminated. Unlike traditional dermal fillers which stop being effective once they are absorbed by the body, Radiesse® actively promotes the production of collagen and can provide benefits for up to two years. Made from injectable hydrogel, Radiesse® contains small microspheres that are derived from calcium hydroxylapatite.

When these microspheres are absorbed, collagen production is increased, helping to maintain a smooth and youthful appearance. The Radiesse® procedure is quick and straightforward, and results are visible immediately. The treatment involves first pinpointing trouble areas on the face; once it is determined which areas are to be treated, a small injection is made directly below the skin.

The filler helps even out wrinkles and lines and provides a more uniform, healthy appearance. Though the procedure can often be done without the use of an anesthetic, we can also combine Radiesse® with lidocaine, a mild anesthetic, for improved comfort.

Radiesse® Benefits

Patients who undergo Radiesse® treatment at our Philadelphia-area practice often remark just minutes after their procedure that they look and feel both younger and healthier. Because Radiesse® is a dermal filler and increases volume beneath the skin; it provides instant results, improving not only a patient’s appearance, but his or her self-esteem and confidence as well in mere minutes. If you want to revitalize your appearance and turn back the clock, Radiesse® is a remarkable option.

Radiesse® Candidates

Any patient 18 years of age or older may benefit from Radiesse® treatment. Made from a naturally occurring substance in the body, Radiesse® is inert, so there is no risk of an allergic reaction, and the procedure is non-invasive and nearly pain-free, making it an ideal option for individuals who are hesitant to undergo more extensive surgical procedures. If you are looking for a quick, safe, and effective means of reducing or eliminating the appearance of wrinkles and laugh lines, Radiesse® may be for you.

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Dr. Paul M. Glat and his staff, serving Philadelphia and South Jersey, are committed to helping Radiesse® patients make the right choices. To schedule a Radiesse® consultation, contact our plastic surgery office today.

Dr. Glat, board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, recognizes that each patient has unique requirements and desires. His services have improved the lives of people from in and around Philadelphia and South Jersey. He performs popular procedures for the breasts, body, and face. If you are looking for self-improvement in the form of plastic surgery, hair restoration, hormone replacement therapy, or skin rejuvenation, Dr. Glat and his professional team will accommodate your needs! Please call 610.550.8328 today to schedule your initial consultation!

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Costs Associated with Radiesse® in Philadelphia, PA, and South Jersey

Dr. Glat and his staff look forward to working with you to develop cosmetic goals that help you look and feel your best. Costs associated with Radiesse® vary by patient, and we offer CareCredit® as a financing option. Also, check our Current Specials.

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