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Do you get nervous when scheduling any sort of surgery, even minor procedures? Does using strong anesthetics or vapors that render you unconscious make you feel uneasy? With the PRO-NOX™ Nitrous Oxide Delivery System at our plastic surgery center in Philadelphia, you are in control of your anxiety and pain relief during a medical procedure.

Dr. Paul Glat and our entire staff are completely dedicated to prioritizing your comfort and satisfaction during cosmetic surgery procedures. The PRO-NOX™ system is an exciting new way to ensure comfort in patients who cannot use or choose not to use traditional anesthetics.

PRO-NOX™ can eliminate anxiety and pain during any surgery that does not require you to be unconscious, such as:

How Does PRO-NOX™ Work?

The PRO-NOX™ Nitrous Oxide Delivery System provides a patient with a steady stream of an exact 50-50 vapor blend of nitrous oxide (N2O) and oxygen (O2). This mix of gases have been medically proven across decades of research to safely reduce or eliminate pain and anxiety without the need for strong anesthetics or similar substances. Best of all, PRO-NOX™ is patient-administered, meaning you, the patient, get to choose the strength of the nitrous oxide and oxygen flow.

Features and benefits of PRO-NOX™ include:

  • Noninvasive setup only requires simple pieces, such as a mask or mouthpiece.
  • Relief experienced from the vapor mix is immediate.
  • “Elevated” feeling caused by use dissipates in minutes when use ends.
  • Low cost to maintain system means passing savings to patients.
  • Easy-to-read gauges notify when gas pressure is too high or too low.
  • Vapor mix creates an effective yet non-addictive analgesic.

Due to the fact that the feeling of relief caused by inhaling nitrous oxide and oxygen in a 50:50 ratio dissipates rapidly, patients who use PRO-NOX™ can usually drive themselves home. Not only does this add an additional level of comfort, convenience, and confidence to your plastic surgery procedure, but it also speeds up your recovery. There really is no other pain and anxiety management system out there like PRO-NOX™.

Would you like to know more about PRO-NOX™ or the cosmetic surgery procedures Dr. Glat conducts? Contact our Philadelphia plastic surgery center today.

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