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  • All staff members will practice social distancing while at work
  • State recommendations will be in place
  • Please do not attend an appointment if you have or have recently had a fever or have exhibited any symptoms of covid-19. Go get tested. We’ll reschedule your appointment once you are well.
  • All persons entering the office will have temperature taken
    • A person with a temperature of 100.4 F or higher will be asked to leave and reschedule their visit.
  • All persons entering the office will be required to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer immediately.
  • All doorknobs, and touch points disinfected regularly
  • Virtual waiting room (in car)
    • Please inform the office once your car is parked in the parking lot.
      • TEXT 610-980-4000 first and last name and appointment time.
    • An office team member will let you know if we are ready to see you for your appointment. If not, we will text you as soon as we have a space prepared for you.
  • Minimal touch points in the office
    • A staff member will greet you at the door.
    • No family members or friends permitted in the office.
      • We will call them for you if you need to be picked up
    • Patient will be escorted directly to treatment or consultation room.
      • Photos, treatments, exams, payments, and scheduling will all take place in one room.
    • As per the governor’s guidelines, please bring your mask.
  • All rooms swept, mopped, wiped, and deodorized/disinfected between patient uses
  • Procedural team members assigned to one room and one patient
    • Procedural areas swept, mopped, wiped and deodorized/disinfected regularly throughout the procedure
  • Prior to evening departure all floors mopped with disinfectant, surfaces wiped, air purified as best possible
  • We will be utilizing technology for things such as paperwork, consent forms, credit card payments, and other such necessities. Many aspects to be performed on your own device.
    • Our credit card processing will read Apple Pay and Android Pay. We are also able to send a link directly to your personal telephone. This minimizes touch points in the office. You may also insert your card into a chip reader without passing the card to a team member.
    • We will ask that all balances due be paid prior to the appointment from the comfort and cleanliness of your own home. Again, minimizing potential touch points.

The well being of our staff members and valued patients is our number one priority.

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